Umschreibung – Munich’s endless staircase

Hidden in the courtyard of an office building in the Schwanthalerhöhe district of Munich, the savvy tourist will find a unique sculpture by Olafur Eliasson. The endless staircase is called Umschreibung which is the German word for ‘circumscription’ or ‘periphrasis’. The sculpture was finished in 2004 inside the headquarters of the KPMG trust.

Full view of the photo spot Umschreibung in Munich - the famous endless stair

Umschreibung sculpture: Interpretations

According to the artist, it is supposed to create “movement without destination, a space defined by motion rather than walls“. It quickly rose to prominence among the best photo spots in Munich – especially among architecture lovers. It’s sometimes also called the ‘stairway to heaven’, though I personally don’t feel this is a good title. It’s a beautiful double helix but you won’t get anywhere near the clouds, eh?

The umschreibung infinite staircase in Munich, Germany

It’s possible to climb the sculpture though it was always blocked whenever I checked. But it’s beautiful regardless. It’s not all that tall, though. I couldn’t find any official numbers but my estimate would be that the Umschreibung is 9 meters high, maybe even 10.

The Umschreibung endless stair at Schwanthalerhöhe in Munich

There are no opening hours – it’s a freely accessible courtyard. The office buildings around the courtyard are quite colorful. Depending on the angle, you can get different colors in your picture. Noon is, obviously, not the best time to be there if you want to shot a picture towards the sky. The rest of the day, the infinite staircase will be in the shadows.

The endless staircase in Munich - one of the best instagram spots

How to get to the Umschreibung:

The correct address is Ganghoferstraße 29A, 80339 München

It’s quite easy to get there as the subway station Schwanthalerhöhe is right next to it. So, take the subway U4 or U5 and you’ll just have to walk about 100 meters from there to the office building of the KPMG. The Bavaria statue and the Traffic Museum (Deutsches Verkehrszentrum) are right next to it as well.

The infinited staircase Umschreibung by Olafur Eliasson

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